Florida has been my go to destination for the last few years… ..it’s was way more then Amusement Parks, Spring Break & Retirement Parks. My new love of the Sunshine State has heated up… with my passion of Riding… I’ve ridden the east coast down to the keys and up the middle…  This winter…I was […]

Its Not the Destination

 “Live by the Sun”  isTattooed on my arm.. I need sunshine..almost as much as I need to ride. The sunshine state, stole my heart. but..I must be traveling on now… I took the long way home… because I didn’t wanna go. But more than that, why not make it an Adventure?? It’s NOT the DESTINATION… […]

South Bound & Down

The road has been a crazy twisted..& sometimes hard ride for me the last year … it took me beyond borders.. and yet..to places I dream about. I have always been about following your biggest dreams no matter how far fetched they can seem..anything is possible!! JUST DO IT! I ..just did it… In October, […]

Biker Bitch’z Unite

biker-bitch Noun (plural biker bitches) Bad Ass Woman who rides a Motorcycle.   Biker Bitch’z  from across Canada & USA ..started their Bike’z… Riding to Ohio …to UNITE.. for the first Annual.. Biker Bitch’z Unite! Bike’z Bitch’z & Beer’z 2011 Back then..Social networking was like the wild west.. it was Open road of adventure!! I started […]

Where the Road Begins…

I’ve wanted to ride a motorcycle since the first time I saw a crew roll thru my small hometown of Kincardine. I remember hearing the rumble and jumped on my bicycle to go see what it was..and why it made my heart beat faster … Motorcycles….one after another they rolled by…who were they …where are […]