Where the Iron Horse’s Roam~

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge Cabins & Camping

was the icing on some of the wickedest roads in the USA.

I havent done every amazing road yet ..

but if i could only ride here ..for the rest of my life.. I would!!



The Iron Horse sits nestled in the Smokey Mountains, with an almost fairybook feel to it..with its babbling brook, bridges & beautifully landscaped property.  The Ladies in the office were very welcoming & extremely accommodating (they even made sure our cabin had blow dryers!!) ..and the friendliness continued..with the  kitchen staff, cleaning crew ..even the owners took the time to stop and chat!


The cabins were clean, modern, spacious ..but my fav.. the motorcycle parking… was the bomb…flat, cement, covered with a hose & bucket to bathe the steeds!!  & all this is vital because…past parking at some of my biker friendly accommodations have been a Bitch!!!

& when the dinner bell rings… some food ..fit for a Dragon Slayer ..awaits!!

The Iron Horse offers Breakfast & Dinners … a huge convenience..in the moring before you ride out..ya get filled up & at night after a long day curve filled day on the road! btw..The salmon was …sooooooo good!!!

Biker Bitch’s Unite 2019 ~ 9th Annual

would like to Thank You all at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge..

for The Super Hospitality & Memories

we will cherish forever in our chrome hearts!!



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