The Beauty before the Beast~

The Beauty before the Beast~

On June 21 2018…

I rode the beauty Florida Panhandle.

It was another road checked off my list😊
…lil did I know..I was lucky enough to see the beauty

before the beast….Hurricane Michael.

It was a hot humid Florida day…when Leslie, Shotgun & I, hit the road…

we were hoping to beat a mean lil rain storm we saw on the weather radar..

when the skys opened up…as we rolled into Crystal River.

We found shelter at Crystal Harley Davidson

(Thank You for your friendly, warm & dry Hospitality!)

The sun eventually came out …

it ended up being a perfect day to ride The Florida Panhandle

…taking Highway 98, where it drops down at Ochlocknee Bay.
The fresh sea breeze & the beauty along the Gulf of Mexico.. took the edge of the building humidity in the air…
With my go pro recording …I got lost in the sights ….

From bridges over water, palm & pine tree’s,

sandy beach’s, marina’s, seafood places…

The soothing coastal highway…was the escape I needed..

I got lost in the moment… & at times.. leaving my bitch’s far behind …

but I think they were also enjoying the freedom …

…letting their minds wander with the sweetness

of the somewhat quiet coastal road .

We slowly rolled bumper to bumper into Panama City Beach

as the sun set…..

Hot, exhausted & hungry… I should have been grumpy…

but the days ride filled me with to much peace…

to feel anything but ..full … full of love for all the miles behind me…

that filled my mind heart & soul with satisfaction.

I can not explain the ride…

even the video I made does it no justice…..

just a simple lil taste of ..
Why I ride.

So often Life is tested…..
& when nature’s beast hit the panhandle….
It is only then that ..we could see the beauty inside….
The kindness & strength of Human being’s
I believe that they will rebuild..
they will find a way to come together…

& be even more Beautiful then they ever were~

Stay Strong ~ Stand Together ~ Ride Forever 


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  1. Shotgun November 12, 2018 Reply

    You always say the right things sis. You make the world a much better place. Love you bunches.
    Your sister Shotgun*

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