Haunted Highway

its Halloween..& even though Im to old to go trick or treating…

I do like a good ghost story…

& as I am down in Florida.. I have recently heard of  the  I4 Dead Zone.

Interstate 4 … a main vein between the east & west florida coasts … from Tampa to Daytona.. .. known as the Deadliest Road in America …

weirdly ..rolling thru the happiest place in the world..Orlando.

Statistics show a fatality every 1.25 miles..however it’s the haunted south section of interstate near Sanford FL, crossing the St John’s Bridge that has become legendary for the eerie number of traffic accidents, an estimated 1,048-1,740 car crashes since the highway opened in 1963.


The I4 Dead zone as referred to by locals is said to be haunted by a pioneer family that died of yellow fever outbreak in 1887.

Because the Catholic family (2 Adults & 2 Children)

never received their last rights..no absolution…no rest..for the dead..

The four graves laid somewhat quietly for years,  until in the 1950’s a super highway was proposed. The land was sold on the promise that the graves would be respected & moved. Unfortunately this promise was not honored…and on the day the land began being plowed and filled with dirt to elevate it…one of Florida’s Deadliest hurricane’s ..Donna..hit …passing directly over the disrupted graves. It is believed that this was the beginning … of the I4 curse.

On the first day the Highway opened a transport jackknifed suddenly and for no reason right above the graves… the first of many  creepy car crash’s.

Today there are bone chilling story’s of pioneer ghosts being seen on the side of the road, cell phones, radio’s & CB’s go dead & strange sounds & voices can sometimes be heard.

So….if your ever in Florida….this is one place you may not want to visit……& Defiantly not a road recommended to ride your motorcycle on……

Happy Harleyween!!

Stay Twisted …

& Ride Safe ..stay away from the I4 Dead Zone !



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