Sweet & Sweaty Home Alabama

BBU 2018 ~ Orange Beach Alabama

We rolled into a Sweat Home Alabama…with temps in the 90’s humidity off the charts…but riding along the sweeeet  Gulf Coast

..all was forgotten…when  the cool(er) sea breeze welcomed us…

as we came off the bridge….along the beach road..

( taking us directly to our condo where we immediately jumped in the pool!!)

Hellllloooo Orange BEACH Alabama!

The Biker bitch’s rode in hard & hot from Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee & Ontario Canada…smaller then norm in numbers

but a Big A+++ in Quality!!!

Every Year, I say..”that was the best BBU ever”

..the truth is every BBU is the BEST.. period

From ..Who’s comin? ..each year is…uniquely the BEST ..Destination, Location, Accommodations, ..it’s .. part of the allure each year for me..

It’s the reason I explore places I’ve never been..

ride roads I haven’t been down…it’s no expectations…

Just enjoy the experiences..as they unfold around you….


I love living…love my Road King more 😉

BUT what makes every BBU the same.. is…the LOVE ..

these …true road warriors bring to the BBU.

These woman…work hard.. ride hard.. live harder…

& the road isn’t always sunshine & green light…

they have earned every mile in life.

When they come to the BBU..they come for the ..connections.. mutual respect..laughs,  & love  …of other woman who get it..

been there..walk it.. own it.

I’ve known some of these biker bitch’s for at least 8 yrs or longer …

our journey’s all different…

taking our curves & potholes..with Strength & Smiles.

We come together to share our love of life..

break a few pool rules..dance, sing, laugh…

just wanna take life’s edge off…

telling storys from the road ..talkin bikes

..sharing Health & Beauty tricks .. baby pictures….these bitch’s get it..

I cant help but feel my truest self around these bitch’s

I have many good friends in life…

But I am truly BLESSED by THE BIKER BITCHS I unite with

Love ~Peace & Shoutouts  to:



CharterLanding/Meyers Vacations

DJ Jazzy Diane & Bob Simmons

Eaglerider Pensecola

Lady in the lake

Pirates Cove

The FloraBama & all the Canine Bitch’s

The Tiki bar bartenders ~ Love you …you too music man

And my Gps.. for overheating on me..

but for getting your shit togeth to get me home.


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