Hola! Dominican Riders!

Pack your sunscreen..we’re goin to the Beach!
I forgot my sunscreen..
& I did burn…
but I remembered my harley boots!!
I was Ready to hit the road with The Dominican Riders in Punta Cana..
The beach’s are Beauty …but ..those Dominican Republic Roads….
.. is where the sun shines…
The palm trees..that go on for miles.. thru the twisting turning country side.. beyond the tourist resorts..
Dominican life rolls on…
From the seat of my Street Bob (cool bike!) …the glimpse’s of daily Dominican village activity.. blew by me like the wind…smiling faces, kids waving, cattle crossing, brightly painted buildings, dogs napping, motorists motoring..
The roads are ruff and the potholes relentless…cars cut in on you & scooters whizz past………the 2 guides have your back & are quick to back intruders off the pack, hand signals & pointing out road hazards … they took their job seriously… & as a rider, I always felt safe. Their friendly easy going vibes, interesting conversation & humor was an added bonus!

when we finally hit the the road
The following video footage was shot on location….

straight from the riders mouth….


I had my Go Pro with me ..however I forgot the case, bracket and clip…….so I wore it around my neck on a leather string..popping it in my mouth to stabalize the video….the crew got a kick outta that when we stopped & I explained the black cube I clenched in my lips as I rode….girls gotta gopro!
People all have a paradise ..weather real or imagined….
mine is in the wind ..on a Harley… chasing the sun … down palm treed .. twisted.. back roads that lead to the beach…
I was in paradise riding with the Dominican Riders

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