South Bound & Down

The road has been a crazy twisted..& sometimes hard ride for me the last year … it took me beyond borders.. and places I dream about. I have always been about following your biggest dreams no matter how far fetched they can seem..anything is possible!! JUST DO IT!

I ..just did it…

In October, I said Goodbye to all my friends and Family…packed up my little world ..loaded my most valuable possessions ..into the Toy Hauler & headed South…Florida bound!

It was a journey ..I had to do.. on my own…

driving ..2,230 km/1,385 mi …No probs!!

My first stop to check bikes..found my sportster had fallen over into my Road King… the wheel chalk was to big for the skinny sportster fell 2 more times.. before I finally rigged it to stay.

I hit the big city of Louisville Ky …at 1:30 am…traffic was very light on the 20 lanes of interstate goin thru the city… when…BAM!!!..a truck come blasting up on my left side..outta nowhere..side swiped me..knocking apart my side mirror…cut in front of me ..& was outta site in seconds!!  Shaking. I had nowhere to pull off..(to change my pantys) ..haha.. as soon as I was able to..I wheeled into a truck stop for the night. Sleeping a few hours.. before I took off fight the morning rush hour .

I got off the beaten interstate Alabama..taking the roads thru pecan and peach orchards..enjoying the warm air and sunny skys..

I crossed the Florida border that night..hoping to make it without stopping..when suddenly my GPS ..told me to exit..even tho I still had over 200 mi to go on the I-75. …weird but I did..& that’s when I realized how totally exhausted I was.. & immediately pulled into a hotel…a dirty dive actually.. fully clothed i fell alseep for a solid 8 hrs .. & In the morning…I was ready to hit the road & roll into my new home for the next 6 months!!

My friend Shottie was patiently waiting for me…

when I finally saw her big smiling sunny face..

I realized ..I DID it!!

Florida was my Home for the winter 😊


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