Biker Bitch’z Unite



(plural biker bitches)

  1. Bad Ass Woman who rides a Motorcycle.


Biker Bitch’z  from across Canada & USA ..started their Bike’z…

Riding to Ohio …to UNITE.. for the first Annual.. Biker Bitch’z Unite!

Bike’z Bitch’z & Beer’z 2011

Back then..Social networking was like the wild west..

it was Open road of adventure!!

I started  my cyber riding.. on..  “Myspace”.. friending woman riders from all over..with names like…..Motorcycle Mama, Harley Babe, Road Gypsy and  even a Shotgun!!

Biker Bitch’z… as I lovingly referred to the woman…

who rode Hard and Lived Harder!!

The social networking Highway  took a curve onto …FACEBOOK..

Where our friendships tightened…

We all talked of our roads crossing someday…

And that’s when….the Leo in me stepped up… and said lets do this…

I created a Facebook Group  “Biker Bitch’z Unite”

Set a date, booked some cabins, google mapped a ride gave some people a heads up the Biker Bitch’z where comin to town….. out  Logan Ohio !!

I didn’t make it very Sportster broke down…

but…Dad to the rescue..

I borrowed a bike and I was only a day late .. covered in black road grim when I Finally roared in ….with the bitch’z waving and shouting … couldn’t get off my bike fast enough to flurry of hugs!!

The Biker Bitch’z have been meeting every year since..

.. every year a different place roads.. and crazy adventures…


We are Sisters of the Road

We ride

because…we have to

our need for the wind ..brought us together

our love of the road .. keeps our paths crossing

our respect for Freedom ..tightens our Bonds

Last year .. BBU 2017… We Slayed the Dragon!!

This is my Fav pic. ..EVER..the smiles are REAL..we just did..what our mothers warned us not to do…one of the deadliest roads on earth… EMPOWERING!!
so those Smiles are REAL..& well earned!!

& now that we all came out alive…some interesting..yet scarey facts about the Tail of the Dragon
(dont show mom)

Past BBU Youtube Links


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