South Bound & Down

The road has been a crazy twisted..& sometimes hard ride for me the last year … it took me beyond borders.. and places I dream about. I have always been about following your biggest dreams no matter how far fetched they can seem..anything is possible!! JUST DO IT! I ..just did it… In October, […]

Biker Bitch’z Unite

biker-bitch Noun (plural biker bitches) Bad Ass Woman who rides a Motorcycle.   Biker Bitch’z  from across Canada & USA ..started their Bike’z… Riding to Ohio …to UNITE.. for the first Annual.. Biker Bitch’z Unite! Bike’z Bitch’z & Beer’z 2011 Back then..Social networking was like the wild west.. it was Open road of adventure!! I started […]

Where the Road Begins…

I’ve wanted to ride a motorcycle since the first time I saw a crew roll thru my small hometown of Kincardine. I remember hearing the rumble and jumped on my bicycle to go see what it was..and why it made my heart beat faster … Motorcycles….one after another they rolled by…who were they …where are […]