Where the Iron Horse’s Roam~

The Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge Cabins & Camping was the icing on some of the wickedest roads in the USA. I havent done every amazing road yet .. but if i could only ride here ..for the rest of my life.. I would!!     The Iron Horse sits nestled in the Smokey Mountains, with […]

Riding Dead

Ride with Norman Reedus “Life is a journey… Its not about where you end up.. It’s how you get there… And who you choose to RIDE with” ~Norman Reedus Some people know my  closeted love for reality shows….and AMC’s RIDE with Norman Reedus doesn’t get any more REAL … Norman Reedus … also known on […]


Another winter in Florida has come & gone… Only the Memories remain~ my Heart Smile’s… as I reflect… on the good times… I am BLESSED Surrounded by Palm Trees ~ Sunshine ~Seafood & Love   I always get a lil weak & weepy when its time to fly North again… But the Love I have […]

The Beauty before the Beast~

The Beauty before the Beast~ On June 21 2018… I rode the beauty Florida Panhandle. It was another road checked off my list😊 …lil did I know..I was lucky enough to see the beauty before the beast….Hurricane Michael. It was a hot humid Florida day…when Leslie, Shotgun & I, hit the road… we were hoping […]

Haunted Highway

its Halloween..& even though Im to old to go trick or treating… I do like a good ghost story… & as I am down in Florida.. I have recently heard of  the  I4 Dead Zone. Interstate 4 … a main vein between the east & west florida coasts … from Tampa to Daytona.. .. known […]

Sweet & Sweaty Home Alabama

BBU 2018 ~ Orange Beach Alabama We rolled into a Sweat Home Alabama…with temps in the 90’s humidity off the charts…but riding along the sweeeet  Gulf Coast ..all was forgotten…when  the cool(er) sea breeze welcomed us… as we came off the bridge….along the beach road.. ( taking us directly to our condo where we immediately […]

Hola! Dominican Riders!

Pack your sunscreen..we’re goin to the Beach! I forgot my sunscreen.. & I did burn… but I remembered my harley boots!! I was Ready to hit the road with The Dominican Riders in Punta Cana.. The beach’s are Beauty …but ..those Dominican Republic Roads…. .. is where the sun shines… The palm trees..that go on […]

Long Live the KING

Harley Davidson’s Road King (FLHR), hit the road in 1994. The Road King  has a proud history with roots going all the way back to the first FL model in 1941. Todays Road King is a highly refined touring machine which evolved from the big frame bikes that hogged the American roads in the 1940s. […]


Florida has been my go to destination for the last few years… ..it’s was way more then Amusement Parks, Spring Break & Retirement Parks. My new love of the Sunshine State has heated up… with my passion of Riding… I’ve ridden the east coast down to the keys and up the middle…  This winter…I was […]

Its Not the Destination

 “Live by the Sun”  isTattooed on my arm.. I need sunshine..almost as much as I need to ride. The sunshine state, stole my heart. but..I must be traveling on now… I took the long way home… because I didn’t wanna go. But more than that, why not make it an Adventure?? It’s NOT the DESTINATION… […]